Great Moments in Faith

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Great Moments in Faith
Author(s) Brian Mackey
Audience Youth, Adults
Setting Sunday School
Occasion General
Length of Series  ?
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A Brief Description of the Curriculum

Looking a biblical moments of faith and placing ourselves in that same situation.

Series Information/Overview

There are many great men and women of faith in the Bible, and just as many awe inspiring moments when we look and think “if I were that person” or “if I was there” we would have believed and never doubted again. But would we really? How different were those moments from what we experience on a daily basis? Were they different at all?

We believe that what makes these moments of faith so great is not so much as a unique situation but a rare response to God working as God often does. This series looks at those great moments, and by putting ourselves in the character’s shoes, both big and little, we will try and personalize these stories and see how we fit in those stories on a daily basis and hopefully how we can respond better to God working in our own lives and so seize those great moments of faith for ourselves.

General purpose files needed for the Curriculum

Lesson 1: Crossing the Sea of Reeds

  • Bible Passage Used: Exodus 14:
  • Topic(s): Value, Fear, Faith
  • This is a classic story most people know a specific way and might take some time and good story-telling to get people to think about it differently and from another perspective than omniscient narrator or "in the know" Moses.
  • Files for this Lesson