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Book Number 1
Testament Old
Number of Chapters 50
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Literary Genre Law
References Used Bibliography: Genesis

Genesis is of course the first book of the Bible, both in terms of placement and chronology. Most people know the stories that are in this book, even if they aren't Christians themselves. They have become part of the western world's consciousness, and are fast becoming universal stories, worldwide.

However, there is a lot of depth to this book, and a great deal of foundational theology can be found in it. Whether you ascribe to the JEDP theory of authorship or the traditional Mosaic interpretation, this is a book that has a lot to offer a believer.

Listed Below are the chapters of this book that already have commentary on them. If you do not see the chapter you are wanting to contribute to, please add it by using the box below.

Chapters With Commentary

Genesis 11, Genesis 48, Genesis 49, Genesis 9