Ezekiel, A Hard Headed Prophet

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Ezekiel, A Hard Headed Prophet
Length of Series 6
Intended Audience Adults
Setting Sunday Service

Goal for this Series

To show that God meets people, then and now.

Unifying Characteristics

These messages are all based on the book of Ezekiel. They try to look at how God is with us and what God wants from his people both then and now.

They specifically try to link OT and NT, with how they build on each other and Jesus is the continuation of what God has always been doing.

Things to Consider

Make sure you know the cultural and historical context of Ezekiel. Many of these messages deals with the exile and how the Israelites must have felt so alone becaue the temple was far away, much like we often feel alone.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Where is God Now?Ezekiel 11-28God doesn't need a sacred place, he makes the place, and us, sacred.Immanence
Edwin Weaver
Called to be a WatchmanEzekiel 316-27We are watchmen, keeping each other accountable and serving each other.Accountability
Edwin Weaver
How Extravagent is the Father's Love for UsEzekiel 322-5:17We are to be radically different than the world, showing the message of God in us.Evangelism
Edwin Weaver
What Do we Do When No One is Looking?Ezekiel 2037God follows His covenant, and will never abandon loving us back into it ourselves.CovenantEdwin Weaver
Breathe on me Breath of GodEzekiel 371-14If we are feeling dead, dry, hollow, the Holy Spirit is here to breathe life in us.Holy Spirit
Edwin Weaver
Let the Waters FlowEzekiel 471-14We are not made holy just for ourselves, but to bless the world around us.New Temple
Edwin Weaver

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