Everyday Scenario Survival

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Everyday Scenario Survival
Length of Series 1
Intended Audience Children
Setting Children's Church

Goal for this Series

To equip grade school kids for everyday situations

Unifying Characteristics

This series is based on the best selling book "The Worst Case Scenario Survival Hand Book."

Things to Consider

- There is a great board game that is based off the book of the same name that you can use as an interactive way to get the kids excited about the series and the topic of the day. - Make sure that you are in constant communication with parents during this series. -You'll want to let them know what subjects that you'll be covering and even giving them a heads up before hand is a great way to score points with them and give them a chance to read up on some good answers before their kids come home with a bunch of questions. - You may want to split your group into teams and award points based on a review on what has been taught during previous weeks. -You will want to make sure that any information is not just theory but also how to put the ideas into practice in real situations.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Obeying AuthorityMatthew 261-18Even Jesus obeyed authorityObedience

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