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This is the place where the dreams for this site can be found. Most of these things are not being worked on at all right now, and some of them probably never will be. But if all goes well, these are some of the things that people would like to see on this site eventually.

Advanced Search Page

A page that allows you to specific exactly what you want, ie: message ideas that use Matthew and have the topic of love, etc. Or anything about faith that isn't in Luke. Simply boxes to check and spaces to fill in would simplify the process while retaining the power of the advanced search functions of Semantic properties.

Discussion Forums

We had discussion forums up and running but unfortunately they were a haven for spam more than a haven or prayer and support and so were shut down. Also, there was an issue when upgrading our software that conflicted with the forum software.

Media Hosting

As people upload aids to various other parts of the site it would be good to have a section that organizes all of those things.

Message Idea Ratings

As the site grows it is going to be harder to tell what messages stand out from the rest, and a system where people could rate the messages might be a cool idea, or it could undermine the whole thing. That's why the idea is here and not in place already.

Percentage Done for Chapters

Right now, we have a percentage based only on what pages are there, not a true percentage of the book done by verse. To do this, we would add a property for number of total verses to each chapter. Call up the number of times the new verse template has been used in the category of that book. Then call up on the book page the sum of the property Number of Verses within the category of that book. Divide the total we have by the total of verses in the chapters we have. That will arrive at some decimal, or if we have all the verses done, the number of chapters so far. Divide by the total chapters in the book and multiply by 100. This isn't instituted because the percentage would be extremely low at the moment.

Song Cords/Powerpoints

This will probably remain a dream because of legal issues, as well as there being other sites that do this very well.

Spiritual Formation Techniques

Experiential Learning ideas are things that teach through doing, but spiritual formation techniques are those events or ideas that are designed to try and help someone grow closer to God personally, not learn more about God or theology. Having a page that contains events or ideas designed for spiritual formation might be a good idea.