Do Not Stop on the Way

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Do Not Stop on the Way
Text: Luke 10:1-12
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Mission
Author: Brian M


We have a mission from God and nothing, not even good things, should distract us from that.

How to Get There

  • Jesus needed an advance party to go and spread his message when he couldn't *Like now, there were too few people for the work that needed done. the whole world needed to hear about Jesus and there were only 70 people.
  • Naturally Jesus tells them to pray for more workers, as we should also. But they didn't pray and wait for others to show up. they were to go out and pray for more as they served.
  • They served because Jesus gave them a mission, to witness to the towns. And when God gives us a mission we aren't to wait or stop, but go for it.
  • But strangely, they weren't supposed to talk to people along the way. There cannot be anything wrong with witnessing to people along the way in a general sense.
  • It's a good thing to witness, no matter where, right? Yes. But it was not what God was calling them to do right then.
  • Nothing, not even good or great things, should get in the way of what God is calling us to do as individuals and as churches.
  • It is easy to get distracted by truly good things and miss what God's mission for us really is. Because God does have a mission for us. And above all us, we are to be working on that purpose.

Things to Watch For

This passage can go in a hundred different directions and is worthy of its own series. Focus therefore can be placed on a variety of places in this passage, including techniques of evangelism, discipleship, prayer, working together, calling, the power believers carry through Christ, and more. Each emphasis has its' valid basis in the passage and which to focus on is strictly based on where the speaker feels led and what the context needs most.

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This Message is part 13 of Luke: Advent to Easter message series.