Compassionate Hearts Curriculum

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Compassionate Hearts Curriculum
Text: Mark 8:1-10
Occasion: General
Audience: Children and Youth, Young Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Compassion
Author: Debbie Alvarez


Connect with “compassionate hearts” a Christian education curriculum to promote a child’s moral and spiritual development. Engage in a practical curriculum that is applicable for Christian leaders and teachers in the church or school environment.

How to Get There

Develop awareness of your students cultural framework. Enlarge awareness of other cultures. Increasing intercultural competence.

Things to Watch For

Encouraging our students to identify their cultural values and discovering what shapes their person is crucial.

Other Ideas that use this Topic:

Compassion UnleashedKids can feel compassion and can respond by serving others.Experiential Learning

I believe it takes a lot of practice for our students to be engaged in other cultures and recognize challenging issues such as poverty and hunger that disadvantage individuals and families face. Intercultural aptitude encourages students to move between their own cultural moments and periods in the Bible.