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Christmas is Not your Birthday
Length of Series 2
Intended Audience Adults
Setting Sunday Morning

Goal for this Series

to help people make Christmas about Christ and not ourselves.

Unifying Characteristics

Imagine going to someone's birthday party and bringing presents for everyone but the birthday boy. That's what we do on Christmas. We lose focus on Christ ans spend all our time and efforts making those people we love feel special and happy. We make Christmas about our family and friends and try to make them have a good time.

But we forget that this is Jesus' birthday. But what does Jesus want? He created the world, what does Jesus want? Matthew 25|40 shows that Jesus wants us to love God and love those around us. We Give God ourselves and that is a gift for Christmas.

Things to Consider

Christmas even in the church is very commercialized. It takes a lot to get people to think about Christmas in terms other than giving something, whether that is a check or a gift.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Giving Jesus Your PresenceLuke 21-20Slow down and just notice people around you. Give them your ear and your presencePresenceEdwin Weaver
Giving Jesus our TreasureMatthew 21-10Christmas is a time of giving our treasure to others in the name of Jesus.Treasure
Edwin Weaver

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