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Book Title Author Rating Survey
Strong's Concordence (bible) James Strong noscript=true}} I have a horrible memory and remember bits of a passage that comes to mind. So in order to find the actual passage i look up that 1 or 2 key words in Strong's and there it is. If anything it is too exhaustive and you have to find the unique words in a passage like "donkey" which is relatively rare compared to "love" or "the". If you don't have one you should get it.
NIV Application Commentary Zondervan (various authors) noscript=false}} This is an awesome set. First is the passage in the NIV translation, then a description of the meaning of the passage to the culture it was written. There is a simple section that bridges the passage to today, and is followed by how one can apply the passage to one's life. It's not a heavy scholarly commentary set, however it is very readable and takes biblical text to contemporary life.