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Ancient Archway.jpg, Antique Door Latch.jpg, Aphrodesias Ruins.JPG, Bridge at Dusk.JPG, Cappadocia Caves.JPG, Cathedral Ceiling.jpg, Christian Tomb.JPG, Church of St John.JPG, Church podium.jpeg, Church sanctuary.jpeg, Clocktower Face.jpg, Cross Steeple Silhouette.JPG, Crucifix in Church .jpg, Door Handle.JPG, Door in Israel.JPG, Fall Barn.jpg, Goreme church.JPG, Greek Orthodox Church.jpg, Lightning Stikes a Tower.jpg, Monemvasia Castle.jpg, Old Church.JPG, Oregon Lighthouse.JPG, Pool of Bethesda.JPG, Prague Cathedral 1.JPG, Prague Cathedral 2.jpg, Reconstructed Ruins.JPG, Roman Library of Celsus.JPG, Roman Ruins 1.JPG, Roman Ruins 2.JPG, Roman Theater 1.jpg, Roman Theater 2.JPG, Roman Theater 3.JPG, Roman Theater 4.JPG, Roman Toilets.JPG, Ruins at Delphi.jpg, Stained Glass in Church of St John.JPG, Stained Glass.jpg, Stained glass.jpeg, Stairs B&W.JPG, Sunset Lighthouse 1.jpg, Sunset Lighthouse 2.JPG, Temple Model.JPG, Wailing Wall.JPG, Willamatte fall.jpg