A Unified Church

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A Unified Church
Length of Series 6
Intended Audience Adults
Setting Sunday Morning

Goal for this Series

To help the Church stand together

Unifying Characteristics

They are based off the letters written to various churches at the beginning of Revelation. Each message looks at one of those letters in context with what was wrong and what prescription was offered in the letter to fix it.

Things to Consider

This series was originally given right before a new pastor came on board as an attempt to get the Church together. The full title of the series was "A unified Church, the Best Gift you can Give Your New Pastor."

Many of the situations in the cities these letteres were written to were very similar, yet each church had its own problems that were fairly unique. Some of these situations will fit your church better than others.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Renew Your LoveRevelation 21-7Our good works need to come from our love for God.Love
Dick Emery
Reject FearRevelation 28-11Satan is limited, defeated and God is not. We don't have to be afraid.FearDick Emery
Polish Your PurityRevelation 212-17We need God to seek out where we have compromised our purity.Compromise
Dick Emery
Stand SteadfastRevelation 218-29If we accomodate and compromise we will rot away. As a Church we should standfast and practice tough love.Compromise
Dick Emery
Be StrongRevelation 31-6We can be spiritually dead and not even know it. We need to wake up, depend on Christ, and become overcomers.Spiritual StrengthDick Emery
Rekindle PassionRevelation 314-22self-sufficiency is the death of passion. It can be reborn through putting our value in Christ.Passion
Dick Emery

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