2 Timothy

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2 Timothy
Book Number 55
Testament New
Number of Chapters 4
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Literary Genre Pastoral Epistle
References Used Bibliography: 2 Timothy

2 Timothy is one of the group of books called the “Pastoral Epistles” because they were written to leaders of churches about how to be godly leaders for their people. These books fit in very well with the modern system of church government and often seem to jump off the pages in their relevance to modern life. This is especially true for pastors who read this book, as the Pastoral Epistles are the only books written directly as advice for leaders of churches.

2 Timothy claims to have been written by Paul to his student Timothy, who was a leader in Ephesus. Paul wrote this book from prison right before his death and so 2 Timothy acts as a last will and testament for Paul. However, the authorship of this book has been one of the most questioned in the entire Bible, and with those questions comes a wide range of dating for this book, from 64 (Pauline) to circa 100 (non-Pauline).

The contents of the book are very simple, but eloquent. Paul warns against unorthodox teachings, deviations away from the truth that Timothy had been taught. Paul provides his own guidance for who should lead in a church, compassion, evangelism and more. Paul also provides from insight into his own life and ministry experience to help strengthen Timothy's resolve.

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Chapters With Commentary

2 Timothy 4