What Makes Love Last

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What Makes Love Last
Text: 1 Peter 1:22-25
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Love
Author: Jeff Mammen


God lovingly entered our lives and as that love grows in us we can enter others' lives and love them too.

How to Get There

  • There are many reasons why love can end. It isn't love's fault, but we fail. Our love stops.
  • That isn't a love consistent with what God's word says about love.
  • Love endures, true love never fails. We need that kind of love. But how do we get it?
    • We first need to understand the truth about our own selfish impulses (verse 14). Christ's example is not selfish but selfless love. Our selfishness holds us back from love.
    • We need to understand the truth of God's love (verse 22). Knowing the love of God frees us to love as well. God's love has continually sought us out, continually forgiven us, and never quit on us even when we turn our backs on God.
  • Then we need to live that truth we now know. Love isn't about just us, but it passes itself on to others. We are to love one another (verse 22).
    • ”Deeply” here is loving constantly, not just passionately but temporarily.
    • This is a love only from God.
  • When we surrender ourselves to God we open ourselves up to God's love, which passes on through us to others.
  • This love of God is the new life in us. It gets planted in us, a new seed imperishable (verse 23).
    • This is not the normal word for seed “sperma” but “spora” used only here in the NT.
    • A spore is sent out, not just dropped like a seed. We are sent out, this spore was sent out to us, and when it found us it reproduced within us again.
  • Our new life is being formed, a seed of God's love shaping us and growing us up. It is that life that gives us love. So show up.
    • Enter into people's lives like God entered into yours, and just be real, be there.
    • When we get involved with people's lives we can understand them, we can pray for them, talk with them, empathize with them, love them.
  • Jesus entered our lives so we can love others without selfishness. As that spore of God's love grows in us, we can enter into other people's lives and love them too.

Things to Watch For

There is some Greek usage in this message and research would be a good idea so you know the concepts being discussed. Also, this message uses more than just these verses and relies upon a wider context within 1 Peter.

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