Walking on Water

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Walking on Water
Author: Brian M
Type: Puppets
Audience: Youh, Adults
Occasion: General
Topic: Faith
Bible Text: Matthew 14:22-36

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Brief Summary

A humorous retelling of Peter trying to walk on water to Jesus.


  • 4 human characters (Philip can be written out if needed)
  • A shark
  • A crowd (can be animals, mosnters, humans, whatever)

Props Needed

  • A boat
  • Water simulation (cardboard is fine as long as it can move)
  • Sound effects for a storm
  • Music for backgrounds (not needed, but a nice idea)
  • Oars (for the disciples to grab)


Narrator: “And after the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus shooed away his disciples into a boat.”

Jesus: “Please, I need some time alone, get into the boat.”

Disciples get in the boat unwillingly, lots of “ahhh… boss….” whining.

Narrator: “Jesus then shooed away the crowd that he had fed.”

Crowd: (A hodgepodge of comments as Jesus starts to speak) “Oh Jesus, you're so great. Can we have some more food.”

Jesus: “The meal's over, now please shoo so I can get some alone time without my head swelling up.”

Crowd goes away.

Narrator: “All that night Jesus prayed by himself, while the disciples were having… mixed… reactions to a storm that had come up.”

The disciples are in the boat as the Gilligan's Island Theme plays in the background.

Boat is rocking badly in the “storm.”

Matthew starts puking over the side of their boat as Peter has his hands raised at the bow of the boat.

Matthew: “ooohhh soooo sick.”

Peter: “Wheeeee… Put your hands in the air Matthew, it feels like a ride”

Matthew promptly becomes sick again, as Phillip looks green too.

Narrator: “Early that morning, after a restful night of prayer, Jesus decided to take a midnight stroll on the water.”

Jesus walks along humming “strolling on the water” as that song plays in the background.

Narrator: “Having a severe case of the stupids, as well as being quite sleep deprived thanks to a night on the ocean, the disciples did not recognize him.”

As narrator talks a shark comes up, sees Jesus, apologizes and sinks back under the water.

The disciples see Jesus walking towards them.

Disciples scream and grab their oars to fend Jesus off.

Matthew: “Get back whoever you are… hurck”

Phillip: As he sees the other guy throwing up. “Stay away…. Ahhh that's really sick, Matt.”

Jesus: “Woo guys, it's me.”

Peter: “Jesus, if it's you, tell me to come out to you.” Sounding suspicious and slightly seasick.

Phillip: You're going out there, on the water?”

Peter: “It's better than being stuck in here with Matthew.” Matthew is being violently ill again.

Jesus: (shaking his head) “Let me get this straight. You want me to prove who I am by letting you do something incredibly stupid?”

Peter: “umm… Something like that, yeah.” (slightly sheepish)

Jesus: sighs, shakes his head again. “OK, if that's what it takes, come on out.”

Peter jumps out and lands on the water.

Peter: “Hey guys, I'm walking on water. I'm like Jesus.”

Matthew: “that's wonderf……” gurgling hurking sounds off on the other side of the boat.

Shark pops its' head up and smiles and Peter. Peter's eyes get big and he starts to sink.

Peter: “Nevermind, not like Jesus yet..” As he slowly sinks into the waves.

Matthew: “Swim you…. *Hurk*”

Phillip: “Peter, you're a fisherman, you've been swimming all your life,

Matthew and Phillip together: “So swim for it.”

Peter: “I got into this on Jesus' word, and I'm sure not going to try and get out of this on my own.”

Peter is sinking lower and lower into the water.

Peter: “Ummm… Lord… a little help here please?”

Jesus gets a big smile and reaches for Peter's outstretched hand.

Jesus: “Gladly.”

Jesus pulls Peter out of the water and the scene cuts to both of them in the boat. Right then the storm stops.

Peter, Matthew, and Phillip: “Truly you are the son of God.”

Jesus shakes his head, and rolls his eyes.

Jesus: “One little miracle…”

Speaker comes in and talks about whatever particular tidbit the message with be about. One suggestion is that Peter did not try to save himself and how we can get ourselves in messes but we need to turn to God to get ourselves out.

Message Ideas that Use this Topic

DistractionsIf we take our focus off Christ, we are lost. But if Christ is always our focus we can do amazing things.Matthew 1423-33Message Idea
Enthusiastic PeterPeter's actions during Jesus' arrest showed both bravery and foolishness. It all comes back around to his strong faith.Matthew 2650-54Message Idea
Going for BrokeWhat would happen if we took a risk for Christ?2 Kings 624-7:20Message Idea
Hope in the DarkGod risked himself on us, we can risk ourself on God.Isaiah 710-16Message Idea
Power Along the WayGod will step in and work if you stake the first steps on faith.Philippians 413Message Idea
Testudo of FaithAs Christians, we are made to support and take care of each otherEphesians 616Message Idea