Walking in Obedience

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Walking in Obedience
Text: Luke 9:23
Occasion: Advent
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Obedience, Surrender, choices
Author: Sued O'Nimmy


Mary and Joseph surrendered their rights in order to serve God. We must follow God with the same passion.

How to Get There

  • This message also relies upon the birth story of Jesus, but relied upon Luke 9:23 as the key passage.
  • Mary and Joseph were both young, and this was a terribly difficult time for them. After all of God's promises they gave birth in a dave most likely, in the middle of the night, alone in their ancestral home surrounded by relatives. This was hard for them.
    • But it happened because both Mary and Joseph said "yes" to God.
    • They both put God's interests ahead of their own and believed that whatever God wants is more important that whatever we want.
  • Luke 1:26-38 is all about God and God working in Mary (32). Mary had choices here, she was probably planning her wedding when God told her He had different plans.
  • And yet Mary praised God over this, how many young women would do that if God' disrupted their wedding?
  • Joseph too had a choice to make. He legally had three options when he learned Mary was pregnant.
    • Justice - He could stone her by law because she got pregnant without him, her fiance.
    • Mercy - He could put her away privately, into a sort of nunnery. And he would pay for it, but she would be gone.
    • Grace - Embrace her and take her as his own, which would mean that her shame of being pregnant he was taking as well.
  • This must have hurt Joseph incredibly when he found out about Mary. And then afterwards, everyone assumed he had sinned and the baby was his. Neither Mary or Joseph had done anything wrong, and yet they were both undoubtably treated horribly by others.
  • But they both chose to put God's will over their own. And they were rewarded for it. The world is saved because they walked in obedience.
  • We have choices too, choices about who we will serve and whose priorities will be most important. We are called to follow Mary and Joseph, rejoicing because God's will is being done.

Things to Watch For

The cultural context that Mary got pregnant in are very important here. This was an at punishable by death and that's really all she had reson to expect. After choosing to follow God's will they both would have been hated and shunned.

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