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First, thank you for being willing to share what you have created with other Christian leaders and allowing them to use it within the Church. By uploading any file you are certifying that you either own copyright of the image you are uploading or have permission from the copyright holder to share the image on this site. You are also agreeing to let people use and reproduce your image in non-profit ways. For more information, see our Copyright Info page, or the website for the Creative Commons License under which we are operating.

Uploading an image is not as automatic as the rest of this site, due to limitations of the software. To upload a file, go to Special:Upload and browse on your computer to the file you are wanting to upload. Before you upload it, though, copy and paste the text in the box to the right into the "Summary" section of the upload form and fill in the categories.

Please only use these categories to fill in the "Group" property: "Arnimal" (whether drawings or pictures) Architecture (buildings old and new), Bible (anything that is from the Bible people, places, etc), Landscape (long distance shots of the natural world), Nature (closer shots of the natural world), People (shots of people in all various stages and places of life), Special Occasion (Christmas, Weddings, etc), Worship (either images specifically for use in a modern worship service or overtly religious images), Other. This will allow the images to be more easily sorted and found by people who are looking for them. If an image fits more than one group, seperate them with a comma.

Finish uploading your image. From there your image will automatically be loaded onto all the appropriate places without you needing to worry. But it is very important that you copy the template onto your image's page and fill it out fully.

 {{Image Gallery