The Cure for Hurryitis

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The Cure for Hurryitis
Text: Luke 12:13-21
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Time
Author: Seud O'Nimmey


We must invest our time in what and who are important or we will lose them.

How to Get There

  • The rich man in this story got caught up in the speed of life and got his priorities all mixed up.
  • And the pace of life is increasing all the time.
    • Marketing is designed around speed, food is fast, cars are quicker, communication is instant, computers are speeding up al of life.
    • And in the midst of this, even more than the rich man in Jesus’ parable, we can catch “Hurryitis.” But we can beat this disease with a few key steps.
  • Take control of technology before it controls you. Do not allow technology, cell phones, email, TV, etc, to dictate your life.
  • Take responsibility for daily taking your priority pill.
    • We can let the crucial things in life get swept away by what is less important.
    • Not everything in life is of the same value.
    • Revelation 2:4 talks about how a nearly perfect church has one fault, it has lost it’s first love. Or another way of putting it, they had lost the priority of their love for God.
  • Take time with those you love.
    • The man in this parable was a workaholic.
    • Like most workaholics “when things slow down” was probably his rallying cry for why he kept delaying doing what he wanted to do.
  • God calls the man in this story a fool.
    • He thought life slowed down. It never does.
    • He thought that the things of the world would satisfy. And they don’t, only Christ does.
    • He neglected his relationship with God.
    • He thought time stood still.
  • Time never stands still, and we too are fools if we think time will bend or slow down for us. Now is the time to slow ourselves down and take the time to invest in who we love and what’s important to us, or we’ll lose it.

Things to Watch For

This can easily become just a sermon on all of our own pet peeves about modern life. That cannot be the point. We fill up our lives with all sorts of stuff that does nothing to glorify God and we condone it in the sake of "convenience" and "it's quicker" or "I need it for life today." This has to stop. Not our pet peeves, but whatever takes us away from our loved ones and from God.

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