The Armor of God

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The Armor of God
Length of Series 5
Intended Audience Adults
Setting Sunday Service

Goal for this Series

To teach the armor of God as a model for Christian living.

Unifying Characteristics

All of the messages are all based on Ephesians 6:10-19, which is the passage on the armor of God. This armor is based on the Roman soldier, renowned for their discipline, unity, and devotion.

This series looks at the Christian as a soldier of God, part of the army of God's people. Each message is a piece of the armor or part of the understanding of the Christian as a soldier for God.

We need all of the pieces to be a functioning Christian in the Church.

Things to Consider

This series treats the armor of God as a unified metaphor for Christian life, not just spiritual warfare. This is justified because the book of Ephesians is filled with different metaphors for the Church. There is no reason to assume that this passage was meant to be anything different.

This series also assumes that the armor of God passage is not just for individuals but for the Church as a whole.

Be very careful to avoid making this an aggressive or violent metaphor, however. There is no mention of attacking anyone in this passage, but of standing and serving, and certainly nothing about being on the offense with people. For more information on this, see the commentary on Ephesians 6.

Some understanding of an early Roman soldier, is of course needed to fully understand what this passage is saying.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Take It UpEphesians 610-20We have incredible spiritual possibilities before us, but we have to use them.Growth
Brian M
StandingEphesians 611-14We can only survive this life by standing where God puts us.ObedienceBrian M
Armored RighteousnessEphesians 614We cannot be righteous through our own efforts, but God can make us righteous.RighteousnessBrian M
Testudo of FaithEphesians 616As Christians, we are made to support and take care of each otherFaith
Brian M
Sword TrainingEphesians 617-18Prayer cannot be something we only do with our eyes closed but a way of life.TeamworkBrian M

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