Testudo of Faith

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Testudo of Faith
Text: Ephesians 6:16
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Faith, Unity, Church
Author: Brian M


As Christians, we are made to support and take care of each other

How to Get There

  • The Roman military was best known for forming shield walls, everyone knew this.
  • The shields overlapped and each man's shield protected them and those around them. With a Testudo formation, shields were even raised up and protected the top of the formation.
  • A Roman soldier by himself wasn't very effective, only in formation did they succeed.
  • When we are weak, others around us are strong, and their faith can shield us, and protect us until we get ours back.
  • But we need to be close to each other to have this happen, and practice supporting each other in our walk and faith.
  • Together we can survive, thrive even. But a Christian alone is a Christian defeated.

Things to Watch For

  • There isn't any real mention of what sort of faith our shield is. It could be our Christian faith, of our sense of belief, our trust, or specific beliefs. For this message I have taken it to mean the entire spiritual journey.
  • A knowledge of Roman military tactics and equipment is needed.
  • This works best with examples, and demonstrations. The History channel has some ok documentaries, and several games and reinactment groups are around that demonstrate this as well.
  • If referring to the entire verse, you must be ready to talk about the darts, what being on fire means, and how faith quenches them.
  • "The evil one" is going to bring about a lot of questions, but be careful to stick with the text and not assume you know who this individual is.

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This Message is part 4 of The Armor of God message series.