Take It Up

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Take It Up
Text: Ephesians 6:10-20
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Growth, Discipline, Preperation
Author: Brian M


We have incredible spiritual possibilities before us, but we have to use them.

How to Get There

  • This passage has a lot of spiritual gifts and equipment that a Christian can use in life.
  • They are God's equipment and we are offered them.
  • On our own, we are completely unprepared for life, unable to live for God.
  • We can be strong through God's power, though, that is the point of this passage.
  • But it is a choice to take each of these things.
  • We have to “put on” and “take up” the armor piece by piece. And then we have to train and use them.
  • As Christians it is easy to assume that when we become Christians everything of faith is given to us automatically, but some things we have to still choose to use.
  • God is waiting to equip us, empower us, but we have to recognize that our equipment won't do it, and we have to choose to put on his.

Things to Watch For

  • Be careful of letting this message become just a compilation of vague statements and generalizations. This message needs specific examples of growth and equipping/growth from your life or the life of the church.
  • The temptation for many people will be to look at this as only about spiritual warfare, and not needed unless they are under attack. But this is about all of life, not just spiritual warfare.
  • There is some question about whether these items are always God's, or whether they become ours and we maintain them. I.E., is this about using God's stuff, or being changed by God to have his stuff within us? The answer to this is mainly based on the theology of the preacher.
  • This passage emphasizes the unity of the equipment, and the message should too. It is about putting on the “full armor” not just pieces.

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