Sword Training

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Sword Training
Text: Ephesians 6:17-18
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Teamwork
Author: Brian M


Prayer cannot be something we only do with our eyes closed but a way of life.

How to Get There

  • Exegetically, the sword of the Spirit is connected with praying in the Spirit.
  • As the sword of the Spirit is God at work, we cannot claim to control it.
  • Verses 17 and 18 are connected by the word “spirit,” and by the “word of God” being God speaking to us, prayer being us speaking to God.
  • Training with the sword here is then prayer, and we are to pray always and in every way.
  • An untrained soldier cannot succeed, and our only offensive weapon is this sword, is prayer. Have you ever tried to take up a new sport? It takes training to get good.
  • We are not attacking anything ourselves, we are in conversation with God about what is going on, and as God leads and acts God conquers, not us.
  • The more we pray, the more we speak to God, and the better able we are to speak with God right when the time comes. A sword does no good if it isn't used when needed.
  • And God will provide what we need, will help us through it, if we use the blade when attacked.
  • So we pray constantly, to train constantly, so we're ready and can make it.

Things to Watch For

  • Study up on Ephesians 6 for this sermon.
  • The “word of God” is not used in the Bible to talk about the Bible, but to talk about God speaking, and especially God speaking through Jesus.
    • God definitely speaks through the Bible to us today, but that is not the only way, or the way that this verse appears to be talking about.
    • This message takes the interpretation that “word of God” is God speaking with us, through the Holy Spirit, and that prayer is part of that communication.
    • Don't miss that the sword is the sword “of the spirit” and “word of God” defines “spirit” and does not exclusively define “sword.”
  • ”sword training” has traditionally been associated with Bible memorization, and this assumption might be in your people's minds even though it is unsupported by the text.

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This Message is part 5 of The Armor of God message series.