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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Direction" with value "We can only survive this life by standing where God puts us.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • A Perfect Place to Live  + (Two characters talk about how wonderful where they live in, and how great Eden was. It is designed merely to prepare for the story of Eden to be told.)
  • File:Goats Fighting.JPG  + (Two goats in Israel, fighting)
  • Christmas Cards  + (Two people talk about how the prophets told us Jesus would come way before he was ever born, setting up a discussion on Advent and prophecy.)
  • Puppets:Crucifixion  + (Two puppet are talking about Good Friday and Easter, by trying to crucify one of them.)
  • Let's Go See  + (Two puppets talk about how if we want something we go for find it, not just sit.)
  • File:Snakes in the Grass.JPG  + (Two snakes caught unexpectedly in the tall grass.)
  • File:Wave Crashing.JPG  + (Waves crashing on the Pacific Coast)
  • Aliens  + (We are aliens (sojourners) in this world.)
  • First and Greatest  + (We are called to be passionate with God like God is passionate for us.)
  • Waves of Fear  + (We are not alone, the demons are, only fear can stop us)
  • Let the Waters Flow  + (We are not made holy just for ourselves, but to bless the world around us.)
  • Christ in Others  + (We are to be Jesus to the people around us.)
  • How Extravagent is the Father's Love for Us  + (We are to be radically different than the world, showing the message of God in us.)
  • Gospel People are Grateful People  + (We are to be thankful in all things because we can see grace pouring over everything.)
  • Salt and Light  + (We are to get close to this falling world so they can see things clearly and be preserved.)
  • Loved Forward  + (We are to grow towards the imperishable, with hope that change will come.)
  • A Lifestyle of Generosity  + (We are to live generously, giving to God's plan so that we and others can know God's love.)
  • Selfishness and Pride  + (We are to live in radical selflessness, giving to each other)
  • Prepare the Way  + (We are to prepare the way for God, not the other way around.)
  • The Seven Demotions of Christ  + (We are to surrender our lives to the father's purposes, just like Christ.)
  • Called to be a Watchman  + (We are watchmen, keeping each other accountable and serving each other.)
  • Resurrection Freedom  + (We aren't to look for the dead Jesus, but the risen one who brings us home.)
  • Free of Evil  + (We can be free of evil and live in grace and peace, we can be sanctified.)
  • Be Strong  + (We can be spiritually dead and not even know it. We need to wake up, depend on Christ, and become overcomers.)
  • Hungry for Jesus  + (We can have spiritual eating disorders too, but God wants us to be healthy and filled with the love of Christ.)
  • Standing  + (We can only survive this life by standing where God puts us.)