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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Direction" with value "They will definitely remember the message". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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 (They will definitely remember the message)
  • Saltiness  + (They will definitely remember the message.)
  • Be a Warrior for Christ  + (Think of spiritual warfare and the spritual warrior as possibly "similar to a '''spritual ninja'''")
  • "To Save A Life"  + (This Series uses the Christian Movie, "To Save a Life" in conjunction with the Bible to explore issues relevant to Teens)
  • What's all the Noise  + (This is a skit purely to introduce the story of Jesus' healing of a paralytic. It does not tell the story, but prepares the way.)
  • File:Church podium.jpeg  + (This is the podium of Salem First Church of the Nazarene in Oregon)
  • File:Pool of Bethesda.JPG  + (This is the pool of Bethesda where healing took place.)
  • The Longest Night  + (This is the story of the crossing of the Red Sea as told from an average Israelite.)
  • First Things First  + (This script briefly describes the story of Enoch in a lighter, more modern, setting.)
  • A Gift Just for You  + (This sets up telling the story of the magi coming to baby Jesus, and that gifts are for good and for free.)
  • The Animal's Candle  + (This skit provides a vehicle for explaining advent and the angel's candle.)
  • File:Jesus' Tomb Stone Groove.JPG  + (This view of Jesus' tomb shows the groove where a stone would have been rolled back and forth.)
  • The Great Reversal  + (Through God, the smallest thing can be bigger than an empire.)
  • File:Olive Tree.JPG  + (Through the branches of an olive tree in Turkey)
  • And Along Came Jesus  + (To Jesus everyone matters, and Jesus is ready to help us live our lives to the fullest)
  • Tried to see Jesus  + (To Jesus, all people are of equal importance, and they should be to us too.)
  • Teen Purity: Consequences  + (To help Teens weigh the consequences of Sexual Immorality)
  • Trustfall Game  + (To trust other people or to illustrate our faith and trust in God)
  • How's Your Love Life?  + (True worship is offering our very existence to the God we love, growing in that love and having that love manifest itself in our daily lives.)
  • A Perfect Place to Live  + (Two characters talk about how wonderful where they live in, and how great Eden was. It is designed merely to prepare for the story of Eden to be told.)
  • File:Goats Fighting.JPG  + (Two goats in Israel, fighting)
  • Christmas Cards  + (Two people talk about how the prophets told us Jesus would come way before he was ever born, setting up a discussion on Advent and prophecy.)
  • Puppets:Crucifixion  + (Two puppet are talking about Good Friday and Easter, by trying to crucify one of them.)
  • Let's Go See  + (Two puppets talk about how if we want something we go for find it, not just sit.)
  • File:Snakes in the Grass.JPG  + (Two snakes caught unexpectedly in the tall grass.)
  • File:Wave Crashing.JPG  + (Waves crashing on the Pacific Coast)