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DistractionsIf we take our focus off Christ, we are lost. But if Christ is always our focus we can do amazing things.GeneralGeneralMessage Idea
Dive InFear is a normal part of following God, but dive in anyway and serve.ChristmasGeneralMessage Idea
Enthusiastic PeterPeter's actions during Jesus' arrest showed both bravery and foolishness. It all comes back around to his strong faith.GeneralMessage Idea
God's Antidote to FearFear does not have a hold on us when we look to Christ and love each other.GeneralGeneralMessage Idea
Going for BrokeWhat would happen if we took a risk for Christ?GeneralGeneralMessage Idea
Hope in the DarkGod risked himself on us, we can risk ourself on God.Christmas
GeneralMessage Idea
Power Along the WayGod will step in and work if you stake the first steps on faith.GeneralAdultsMessage Idea
Power Along the Way.pngSunday ServiceImage
Reject FearSatan is limited, defeated and God is not. We don't have to be afraid.GeneralAdultsMessage Idea
Rekindle Passionself-sufficiency is the death of passion. It can be reborn through putting our value in Christ.GeneralAdultsMessage Idea
Shield MarchWe succeed as Christians when we support each otherExperiential Learning
Shield of Faith.jpgThe shield of a Roman soldier mentioned in Ephesians 6GeneralImage
Testudo of FaithAs Christians, we are made to support and take care of each otherGeneralGeneralMessage Idea
The Great ReversalThrough God, the smallest thing can be bigger than an empire.ChristmasGeneralMessage Idea
Walking on WaterA humorous retelling of Peter trying to walk on water to Jesus.GeneralYouh, AdultsDramas
Waves of FearWe are not alone, the demons are, only fear can stop usGeneralAdultsMessage Idea
Zoe - LifeJesus is Life, come to bring life and overcome fear and even death itselfEasterAdultsMessage Idea
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