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"To Save A Life"This Series uses the Christian Movie, "To Save a Life" in conjunction with the Bible to explore issues relevant to TeensTeen, Youth, Jr high, Sr HighCurriculum
Being the ChurchBeing the church means living our faith simply and radicallyHow to BE the ChurchGeneralMessage Idea
Communion MemorialWe need memorials to remember what God has done in our
GeneralMessage Idea
DistractionsIf we take our focus off Christ, we are lost. But if Christ is always our focus we can do amazing things.Focus
GeneralMessage Idea
Evangelism - Not just a GameGod has a simple purpose for our churches, for us.EvangelismGeneralMessage Idea
Great Banquet, TheAccepting God's invitation for your lifeEnjoying GodGeneralMessage Idea
Hungry for JesusWe can have spiritual eating disorders too, but God wants us to be healthy and filled with the love of Christ.Spiritual HealthGeneralMessage Idea
Sexual PurityLearn What God's standards are for our sexualitySexual PurityYouthMessage Idea
Standing Up for GodStanding up for God in an un-godly CultureWitness
GeneralMessage Idea
Teen Purity: ConsequencesTo help Teens weigh the consequences of Sexual ImmoralitySexual PurityYouthMessage Idea
Teen Purity: GirlsHelp Teenage Girls Understand God's Standard for themSexual PurityYouth, GirlsMessage Idea
Teen Purity: TemptationHow Teens can live Sexually PureTemptationYouthMessage Idea
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