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Enthusiastic PeterPeter's actions during Jesus' arrest showed both bravery and foolishness. It all comes back around to his strong faith.FaithGeneralMessage Idea
Peter Enthusiastically Denies Jesus 3 TimesKeeping his "track record" of enthusiasm, Peter vehemently denies Jesus three times...only to weep at his ignorance.Lack of FaithGeneralMessage Idea
Peter Enthusiastically Proclaims Jesus as the ChristEven as a grown man, Peter had a child-like faith in Jesus and proclaimed Him to be the Christ.FaithfulnessGeneralMessage Idea
Peter Enthusiastically Seeks Jesus and Is "Reinstated"Even though Peter made the huge mistake of denying Jesus, he is accepted back with "open arms".ForgivenessGeneralMessage Idea
Peter Enthusiastically Witnesses the TransfigurationAs a Christian, Peter was very excited and passionate about all that he was witnessing. This is the kind of attitudes that all Christians (young and old alike) need to have.PassionGeneralMessage Idea
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