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A Redemptive Person is a NeighborEvangelism is building bridges so we become true neighbors.Evangelism
GeneralMessage Idea
Anatole - HopeWe cannot live without hope. Christ gives hope, casting out despair and fear.Hope
AdultsMessage Idea
Be StrongWe can be spiritually dead and not even know it. We need to wake up, depend on Christ, and become overcomers.Spiritual StrengthAdultsMessage Idea
El-Shaddai - EnoughGod is enough and more. In His we find everything we need.Providence
Having Enough
AdultsMessage Idea
Jehovah - Jireh, ProviderGod wants to be who we turn to for our provision in life.ProvisionGeneralMessage Idea
Jehovah - Rohi, ShepherdWe find contentment only when we accept God as our shepherdContentment
GeneralMessage Idea
Jehovah - Rophe, HealerGod wants to be the healer of every aspect of your life.HealingAdultsMessage Idea
Jeshua - SaviorJesus brought all we need, embodies all we need as a savior.JesusGeneralMessage Idea
Lostness and a Tale of Three SonsGod's love for us is unquenchable.Love
AdultMessage Idea
Polish Your PurityWe need God to seek out where we have compromised our purity.Compromise
AdultsMessage Idea
Reject FearSatan is limited, defeated and God is not. We don't have to be afraid.FearAdultsMessage Idea
Rekindle Passionself-sufficiency is the death of passion. It can be reborn through putting our value in Christ.Passion
AdultsMessage Idea
Renew Your LoveOur good works need to come from our love for God.Love
AdultsMessage Idea
Stand SteadfastIf we accomodate and compromise we will rot away. As a Church we should standfast and practice tough love.Compromise
AdultsMessage Idea
The High Price of SilenceHiding our sins never works, but confession will bring happiness.ConfessionGeneralMessage Idea
Zoe - LifeJesus is Life, come to bring life and overcome fear and even death itselfLife
AdultsMessage Idea
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