Sojourns of Ancient Israel

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Sojourns of Ancient Israel
Author(s) Richard D. Scheuerman
Audience General
Setting General
Occasion General
Length of Series 45

A Brief Description of the Curriculum

A year long course on the Pentateuch looking especially at the movements of Israel

Series Information/Overview

This course is a year long curriculum sequentially covering the first five books of the Bible place by place. This course attempts to provide real learning through activities, discussion, word studies, and more. For a more detailed description of this course and what it contains see the introductory pdf below. The map and table of contents will also be very important as each chapter is broken into 5 individual lessons, each of which has it's own passage and location that it focuses on. Each lesson also covers a unique historical people group, location, text or idea.

General purpose files needed for the Curriculum

Unit One: From Eden to Canaan

Lesson 1.1-1.5: Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Lesson 2.1-2.5: Chapter 2: A Promise Given

Lesson 3.1-3.5: Chapter 3: Jacob and Esau

Unit Two: Israel in Egypt

Lesson 4.1-4.5: Chapter 4: The Sons of Jacob

Lesson 5.1-5.5: Chapter 5: The Pharoah's Counselor

Lesson 6.1-6.5: Chapter 6: Exile in Egypt

Unit Three: Travel Through the Wilderness

Lesson 7.1-7.5: Chapter 7: The Trek to Sinai

Lesson 8.1-8.5: Chapter 8: Offerings and Rebellion

Lesson 9.1-9.5: Chapter 9: The Time of Wandering