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Topic Being the "salt of the earth"
Group Size Any
Prep Time 20-60 min
Setting Church
Age Group Any
The Point They will definitely remember the message.

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Supplies Needed

Enough french fries for everyone in attendance to have some.

How to Set Up

You need one person to plan ahead of time to go to McDonalds (or whatever is easily available) and purchase enough french fries for everyone. You can buy every person a small bag of fries or have each family or pew or whatever, share a larger serving. Have your helper coordinate timing just right because you will be buying a bunch of french fries and they will have to make them so they will be fresh and you need to introduce them at just the right time. If possible let the smell waft through where you are meeting for just a bit before you introduce the fries.

What Happens Then

The message is driving home the teaching that the Church of Jesus Christ is the great "flavor" and preservative of this age. Everyone loves fries and the kids especially will remember when the crazy pastor let everyone eat in church! And the adults will really be struck by the emphasis of a visual and physical illustration.

Possible Problems

The janitor might kill you!

There might be some allergic in some way to this.

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