Resurrection Freedom

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Resurrection Freedom
Text: John 20:10-18
Occasion: Easter
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Resurrection
Author: Jeff Mammen


We aren't to look for the dead Jesus, but the risen one who brings us home.

How to Get There

  • Our job is not to prove the resurrection, but to try and understand what it means to us. What does it mean to someone alone, who's a survivor, who has been disrespected and de-humanized in life.
  • Mary Magdalene fit that mold. Mary was controlled with outside influences, traps all around her that she could not get away from.
  • She had seven demons Luke 8:2, she was completely helpless in the enemy's grip. But we almost all have outside influences in our life that control our lives. Anger, popularity, addiction, wealth, our past.
  • Jesus freed her from this and from then on, everywhere Jesus went there was Mary in the background.
  • She was even there at the cross when he died. How must she have felt. The only person who could and did free her from what controlled her was dead. She had a lot to lose with Jesus' death.
  • When Mary saw the tomb she just stood there and wept. It's heavy mourning, she just didn't want to leave.
  • You'd expect Mary to leave when she saw the empty tomb, but what Jesus did for her was too real, she couldn't leave the one who had set her free.
  • She was looking for a dead Jesus, though, not a living one, clinging to what he had done but completely unaware he could still do anything for her now.
  • We do that, we look to Jesus as someone to aspire to be like, but not let Jesus change us right now.
  • But then Mary heard her name called from Jesus' lips, the same voice that had set her free.
  • The first words out of her mouth was “rabboni,” “my teacher” a title that meant how she would be following him her entire life.
  • But Jesus gently reminded here that he came for more than just being touched, but to bring us home, bring us to the father, have the Holy Spirit with us.
  • We can taste a bit of home when like Mary we can find the risen savior, not the dead one.
    • We must give God everything that act like chains in our lives holding us tight and keeping us bound to sin.
    • We need to hear his name, calling us, and respond.
    • And we need to remember what life Jesus has already given us, how we have already been changed.

Things to Watch For

This is a very vague way of talking about Mary's demons so that people don't tune the message out if they aren't controlled by demons.

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