Remembering Passover Communion

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Remembering Passover Communion
Occasion: Passover, Easter
Theological Tradition: General
Setting: General
Style: Informal

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Elements of the Event


Event Liturgy

Minister: For 430 years the Israelites were enslaved. For 430 years they were beaten and mistreated. And then in one night they were set free

Read or paraphrase Exodus 12:1-28.

Minister: In the dark or night, people started dying, and Israel fled. It was the night God freed his people, but it must also have been the sort of night you would want to forget as soon as possible.

But God tells them to remember it. In Hebrew this term isn’t just about recalling something, but about letting the events of the past impact our actions today. They were to “remember” what happened, and let the memory of God saving them impact their lives from then on. Despite being a miracle, this event could easily have been forgotten, ignored over time.

But the Israelites chose to remember it. And the Exodus became the defining moment in Israel’s history. Even today it is being celebrated with ritual and celebration by Jews. They remember it, three thousand years later.

We decide what is important to us by what we think about, what we dwell on, what we remember. The Israelites have been sharing the story of their salvation, remembering it and using that memory of God being faithful in the past to trust that God will be faithful in their future. They remember. Each year they recreate the event. They eat the same food, standing up and ready to run away, so that it will stick with them, so it will guide them. So that they will remember, and draw hope and strength from how God has worked in the past.

At a Passover over a thousand years later, when they were all remembering that night of fear and victory a thousand years before, Jesus asks us to remember him as well.

Read Luke 22:19.

Minister: He tells us “do this and remember me.” That was a moment that could have passed the disciples by, and Jesus asks them to remember it, to recreate it, to let it dwell in their minds and impact their lives.

Today, we are going to do as Jesus asked. We are going to take the bread and the juice and recreate that meal, so that we can again remember what Jesus did, what he said and how he died so we could live. Take a moment and think about those things today, and let it shape you for the future.

But also, as you come forward to take communion we invite you to think about those other events in your life where God has come through, times of miracles that you personally need to remember. Remember your own times of Exodus, your own times of salvation. Think on them more than your failures, more than your ambitions. Dwell on those things throughout the week, remember them and draw hope from them that the same God who acted then is acting now. And if you want, we invite you to share those moments with us when you come forward, so that we can remember them too, and our faith can be strengthened by hearing your story of how God has worked.

Invite people forward or begin your traditional communion liturgy. You will probably want to have microphones set up next to where you are serving communion so people can speak. The pastor should probably have a moment of his or her own ready to share as well.

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