Reaching for the Goal Line

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Reaching for the Goal Line
Text: Philippians 3:12-14
Occasion: Superbowl
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Goals
Author: Seud O'Nimmy


God lays goals on our hearts and we are to press on to God.

How to Get There

  • Paul sees our faith as having definite goals that we are striving for. It isn't just something we come into and then stop moving. Those goals keep us moving forward.
  • Paul uses a sporting analogy of running. In sports the goal is always in mind, you never stop moving, and are never satisfied with where you're at.
  • We need to forget our past to move forward. Paul had a past worth being paralyzed over and he wasn't.
    • God is not as concerned over our (forgiven) past as we are.
    • We must forgive ourselves.
    • And we must forgive others for hurting us so we can move past the results of that pain. Paul had pain, had been hurt and abandoned.
    • We are not our past. We are reborn with Christ.
  • Be dissastisfied with where we are, not hateful or angry, but always looking to move forward.
    • Paul is straining forward like a runner.
    • Keep moving forward with the goal in mind. Keep going towards God.
    • Don't stop striving to be better because faith, the Church, Christianity itself is a journey instead of just a destination.
  • Strain to the goal God sets us on. Focus on it and on Christ. Any other focus and we can miss it, and lose sight of the goal of Christ-likeness in the midst of good works and small things.
  • Be determined to press on to God and the goal.

Things to Watch For

There is a great deal of competition for completing goals in sports and coming in first. Regardless of the sport, ancient or modern, there is always a goal in mind, pressing onward despite opposition. This message was originally part of a series designed to help encourage people to keep moving forward in their faith, not be satisfied with where they were at or be discouraged by opposition.

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