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4X4 Trolley +*access to a saw and a drill *2 10ft 4X4's per group of 10 *20 5ft long, .5in sections of rope  +


Body of Christ +*Printed out cards telling the Kids what part of the body they are. *Enough Blind folds for everyone  +


Carrying the Cross +*about 1/3 as many six foot 4x4s as you have people. *A set distance measured out (.2-.5 miles, with markers along the way) *Cards with key statements of Jesus' suffering on them along the way. *Several cars to pick up kids that can't make it, and to transport the 4x4s back to the beginning for the next group.  +
Cohort Canonball +*A rope, hose or anything that can establish a clear boundary. Cones will work but less clear. If you use a rope you can shrink the boundaries as people get eliminated. *The biggest ball you have. A 3ft diameter blow-up fun ball is great *1 funnoodle per team  +
Compassion Unleashed +This is designed to be a retreat for 5th and 6th graders. Room environment Chairs and tables Floor space for activities Relationship Needs One adult per every 4 students Materials Needed Nametags Play dough Art Supplies – A resource center would be helpful. Pens, Pencils Extra Bibles, different translations Newspapers, magazine Newsprint paper on large roll Students need to bring Bible Registration form/Signed permission slips for off site activities. Let parents know where you are taking their children. Do not tell students. Also inform students not to eat supper before they come. Clothes to donate to a clothes closet (clothing pantry) Food to donate to a food pantry  +


Deafening Silence +None  +


Electric Fence +*2 trees or sturdy posts, *1 20ft or longer rope  +
Eucharistic Love Feast +Some soft lighting, candles are preferable. Grape Juice, bread, glasses to drink from.  +


Gifts for Jesus +*Gift Boxes *Identical Wrapping Paper *A Wall *The people will each need a camera of some kind.  +


Handicap Crossing +*1 10ft 4X4 *2 2ft 2X4 *screws or bolts appropriate for attaching the 2X4's to the 4X4 *Optional padding or wrestling type mats  +


Ludicrous Lava Lake +*About 10 (1 for every person) Rubber Discs about 1 foot in diameter or paper plates. The smaller the more challenging to the team. If you want to provide a greater challenge to your team, then you can give them less discs than there are people. *Tape, rope or cones to mark the boundaries.  +


Nails in His Hands +*A forge, with all needed equipment (hammers, tongs, anvil, swage block, nail making block) *A dozen or so small steel or iron bars (1/2 inch round from a hardware store is fine, just not galzanized or stainless). *Safety equipment for those forging (eye protection, gloves, and leather apron).  +


Prepare for Obstacles +*Sprinklers, hoses, water balloons and dipsticks *A facility or area to set up a maze (B), an obstacle course (A), and a water slaughterhouse (C) *10 Tennis balls *Cardboard for maze or tables in a cafeteria *Cups, flashlights, tennis balls, umbrella, claw (picking up device), squirt gun, 10 feet of rope, pole, toothbrush and you will need 10 of each of these items *Rice paper boxes bigger than 3*3*3 inches and about 1 for every camper *Sponges small enough to fit in a Styrofoam cup *Clues about each section of the obstacle course, about 2 for each obstacle section (total about 6 clues)  +
Protestant Ash Wednesday +*Several extra large heatproof bowsl (ceramic or glass works) *Numerous candles and things to light them with. *A food processor *As many small pieces of paper (notecard size) as you have people. *Multiple small containers for ash later. *Tables to place the candles and bowls on *Lots of pens *fire extinguishers  +


Removing our burdens +With a good outdoor river setting you should only need permanent markers and have each participant bring a backpack. You will probably want some spare heavy duty bags in case someone forgets theirs, of course. You will also need some form of waterway that is fast or deep enough that people won't be going in to retrieve their stones once tossed in. A lake works the best, but a river or strong creek will do. If your waterway does not provide large (1/2-3 pound rocks) rocks for people to write on, you will need to collect them in place them in a pile for the people to use. Otherwise, directing them to the bank where the rocks gather naturally should be fine.  +


Saltiness +Enough french fries for everyone in attendance to have some.  +
Shield March +*4-8 pieces of 4x8 foot ¼ inch plywood to make shields with *Make each shield 2x4 feet *Foam pipe insulator to go around the edge of the shields *Red paint for the shields *Rope for handles *Lots of water balloons, launchers, balloon slingshots and other items. *Drills, saws, nails, paint brush, and some other tools may be needed to build the shields.  +
Shifting Shapes +*1 50 foot or longer rope, depending on the group size. *1 blindfold for each participant  +
Silent Shuffle +Either a telephone pole or a log that can be laid down horizontally with the ground or some kind of board that is at least 6 inches wide (a 4X4 just isn't big enough) If you do not have access to a pole or board, you can do it along a wall and have them blindfolded instead of mute.  +
Spiders Web +*One 100 foot rope *2 Trees spaced approximately 8-15 feet apart  +


Treacherous Tarp Fold +*1 Tarp or sheet (that you don't care if it gets dirty) for about every 10 people. You'll have to guesstimate the size of the team per a tarp because it's not an exact science. Basically, if the Tarp/Sheet is completely laid out on the floor unfolded, then each group should only take up about half of their tarp when they are all standing on it.  +
Trustfall Game +Some form of a platform to fall off of. Must be sturdy and about 4-6 feet off the ground. Cannot fall over or collapse for any weight you might be expecting  +


Unequal Softball +Foam bat, Whiffle bat, Softballs (3), Regular aluminum bats, Regular gloves, Tee ball gloves, Catcher's gloves.  +
Unfair Volleyball +volleyball Court including: *net *volleyball *boundary markers *suitable prize for the winner  +