Prayer: Meaningful Words

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This form of prayer centers around a single word or idea. It is a type of focused prayer where everything said revolves around the same concept so that concept is fully explored and talked about with God. This exercise often stretches us to keep digging into areas we often think of as obviously simple, like trust.

To begin with, pick a topic, attitude, or key theological word to pray about. One of the best ways of finding this is through scripture. As you read through the Bible, look for a key idea that pops out at you. What does your section of scripture say about that idea? What do you have to say about it? When you are done reading the Bible, take that phrase or idea and build your prayer around it. Reflect on how well your life matches up with that word, and what needs to happen to more fully become it in the future.

For instance, a prayer of trust can be asking for forgiveness of God for specific areas you aren't trusting him in, thankfulness for when he has come through, requests to trust him more. It could involve asking to be trustworthy with others, for you to be wise in trusting people, etc. There are a thousand things you can talk to God about. And often, the more we dive into a specific idea with God the more we realize that we are only tapping into the surface of what there is to have.

Doing this can help us dive deeper into conversation with God and deeper into our own understanding of where we are. By going be yond a simple paragraph prayer on any given subject we are forced to actually communicate with God in something other than prepackaged talking points. And that is where the real growth can come in.