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As we turn to prayer, I invite you to bow your head and close your eyes, And from this posture of prayer, to retreat within yourself to that special place of conscious focus on Christ's presence (that is always with us) – that place in your heart and mind that is available to us to meet w/our loving Savior . . .

My place of prayer is an imaginary room in a house I lived in as a child. It is at the foot of the staircase, the door is always a-jar and a warm inviting glow is always emanating from it. As I enter I notice a fire in the fireplace cracking away – the small of home fills the room as do 2 leather couches, pillows & blankets . . .

It is a comfortable, safe, and peaceful place for me to retreat – to escape - and Christ is always there, waiting to talk with me . . .

Perhaps your special place is in an open field, or in a huge castle, or on a mountaintop, or in a desert, or by a stream . . .

Are you there now?

As you enter your special place . . . Christ is there waiting for you . . . you see Him first and walk toward Him. It seems that as soon as your eyes connect on him the stress of life, of school and assignments, of work, of everything quickly begins melting away . . . He turns as you approach - sensing your presence - and His face lights up as He sees you, obviously delighted that you are here . . . He opens His mouth to speak . . .

What does He say to you?

What do you say to Him?

Express in these moments your deepest concerns to Christ.

Lord –

It is our desire to share intimate times like this with you, and in spite of the storm of life that often seems to be raging around us . . . to live in close fellowship with you – and carry this calm into our daily living.

Speak to us this day. Use this time and place, these people (our family), our time of singing, praying, talking, reflecting, and living to mold us and to expose the places in us that we need to allow you greater access.

Renew us Lord, Transform our minds, and enable us to know and embody your love, which surpasses knowledge.

And Yahweh, enable us to slow down, to say “no”, and to live more freely and lightly.

In Christ's Perfect Name, Amen