Prayer:Nature Praises God

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We spend a lot of our time only thinking about our small lives and fail to ponder the majesty and the grandeur of God. We also generally fail to listen and fill the gaps with lots of talking. This is an attempt to rectify that and get people to look beyond themselves and their standard words.

This experience involves the outdoors and solitude, so is really only for adults to avoid children getting lost.

Find a place where you are away from people and the sounds of people. That can be in a park, the woods, on the beach, or anywhere you can find. This can be done with a group of people as long as there is room for each person to be separate and not see or hear each other.

As you leave the sounds of people, stop speaking yourself. Enter into silence as the silence enfolds around you. Instead of speaking, listen. Nature is never silent. There is wind rushing, leaves rustling, trees swaying, animals chattering and birds chirping. Just listen for at least 15 minutes. The Bible says that if people are silent creation itself will cry out. You are silent. Now imagine that the nature you hear around you is all praising God. What would they say if they were using human words? What does God's creation have to praise God about? What do you have to praise God about? Silently use the words you imagine creation saying and say them yourself. Praise God not just for your life but for the simple things the squirrels might be shouting praises over, praises that are larger than just yourself and your own needs. Just sit and praise for half an hour at least.

As you leave, don't start talking right way. Instead, try to maintain that attitude of praise for your life. It can be just as silent of praise in the city as in the woods. The cry of the people and the noises of the city are louder, but God still deserves praise and yours might be the only voice giving it. As you leave think about how your praises can encompass where you live and work as well as just yourself.