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Receiving/Offering with our hands

A Very short Experiment of Prayer – Work for some / not for others In this simple exercise we will both receive from God & offer ourselves to God.

What is important in this time is to seek to communicate with God . . .

The whole prayer simply involves turning your palms face up in a action of receiving from God and then on your own time to lift them up to Him as an expression of offering yourself to Him.

I allow for some silence to focus our attention and to enter into a time & attitude of prayer, share some thoughts / instructions, and then allow you to express yourself to God

  1. Let's enter into silent preparation
  2. Take a moment to consider your hands (perhaps focusing on them laying in your lap will be helpful) – think of all you do with them / how did you use them today?
  3. They are our connection with the world outside of our body – with them we reach out, take, give, offer comfort, love, hit, greet, receive – they are how we express ourselves
  4. Turn your hands palms up in your lap (if they are not already) and hold them in a posture as if God were handing something very precious to you, so fragile and precious that it could break as He passes it to you – and in this way receive what He offers to you
  5. When you are ready, raise your hands to Him in an expression of offering yourself to God . . .
  6. Now gently allow your hands to return to your lap
  7. Thank God for this time, and gently bring your attention back to the front of the room.
  8. Feedback – helpful? Not?