Prayer:Grasping Hands

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If you hear his voice – do not harden your hearts A prayer metaphor of our hearts with our hands

A Very short Experiment of Prayer – Work for some / not for others.

Everyone has a hard object like a bolt around their necks or in their hands, a hard mildly sharp object works best. They then grasp it as hard as they can when the prayer begins as a symbol of everything they hold onto.

What is important in this time is to seek to communicate with God . . .

I will allow for some silence to focus our attention and to enter into a time & attitude of prayer, share some thoughts / instructions, and then allow you to silently express yourself to God

1. Let's enter into silent preparation

2. Take a moment to consider your hands (perhaps focusing on them laying in your lap will be helpful) – think of all you do with them / how did you use them today?

3. Now watch your hand as it tightly grasps the bolt around your neck – squeeze it tightly -

Lord, I look at my hands, my clenched hands. My fist ready to strike, either in attack or defense, but still a fist. My white knuckles, drained of blood, drained of life, hard tense, closed.

Lord, I look at my fist and see the symbol of so much of my life. My striving for my goals, My holding onto things that harm me, my determination my power, my drained, lifeless existence without you.

4. Now watch your hand as you slowly release your grip . . .

Lord, I open my hand, slowly folding back the fingers and look at my palm. The softer skin so much more vulnerable. I look at a hand that has cradled a baby's head, a hand that my parents held to keep me safe, a hand that still reaches out for other hands to hold.

Lord, in my hands I see a mirror of my life, so often, closed and hard.

Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.

Thank God for this time and gently bring your attention back to the front of the room.