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For many people, it is hard to focus in prayer. For others, prayer is intangible and they have a hard time remembering it or feeling like they're doing anything when they pray. Once prayer exercise that can help focus us on what we are doing is making something as we pray. Of course, it needs to be make from scratch and cannot require much thought or it would distract from the prayers being offered.

Beading, chain maille, crocheting, knitting, or macramé are all good possibilities for this as they involve making something from nothing in small steps. The exercise itself is quite simple. Say a short prayer with every stitch/bead/ring/etc. The act of throwing the stitch or putting on the bead helps focus the mind into action and immediately leads to the next action. As you keep working on the project you automatically keep praying, one prayer a stitch/bead/etc. Just make sure that what you make is set aside as for prayer time only, so that the entire item was made with prayers.

At the end of the day you also have a physical representation that you have been praying. There are several options with what to do with your creation. Some people give them away as prayer shawls/etc if they were praying for a specific person while making it. Another option is to make something that you can carry with you, like a beaded chain or necklace. This can be a constant reminder of prayer to you, and by going over the beads/stitches/rings/etc you can pray again a simple prayer with each one even without your tools to make anything new.

In some ways this is similar to a Protestant rosary in that it is something that helps facilitate prayer through tactile stimulation. However, unlike a rosary, this is created by the person praying and so can represent the amount of prayer as well as prayer itself. Also, there is no set prayers associated with your own creation.