Pentecost Openness

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Pentecost Openness
Text: Acts 2:1-48
Occasion: Pentecost
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Holy Spirit, Life Stories, Grace
Author: Jeff Mammen


Jesus' life story can be the story that drives our lives and brings us to God.

How to Get There

  • Everyone's life revolves around some story, some common theme. It's what gets us going in the morning, it's what defines us and gives our lives meaning. It could be an event, an ideal, our family, our job, our self-image, some harm done to us in the past. But we all have them.
  • But not all stories can save. All the stories the world creates won't resolve the biggest issues in your life and in the world.
  • For most of the people listening in to Peter, this story was the law. They did everything to meet it.
  • That's why they were in Jerusalem. This was a festival from the law, one of the times in the year that Jews would return to Jerusalem. They were living out their story.
  • But they came to Peter and the disciples because their story was different, and Peter here shares what story is moving them. This was also a story that the law could not give anyone.
  • Every story we make and live by is trying to compensate and replace the relationship with God we have lost.
  • The people started to realize as they heard Peter speak that this was a story that their story, the law, was pointing the to disciples' story, Jesus.
  • And Jesus' story is the one story that heals our relationship with God, the main issue in our life. And from that, everything else can be healed if we make Jesus' story the one that drives our lives.
  • Jesus' life story can become our story. But we need to put aside the story we are using now, the one we have built for ourselves.
  • We enter into that story, and Jesus' power, Jesus' life enables us to succeed in areas where we never would before, with the Holy Spirit empowering us. No other story can do that.
  • God sees us then through Jesus' story. We can be at home with God and at home with each other.

Things to Watch For

This is a rather lengthy passage, but a very consice one as well. It provides one of the best understandings of Christianity and Jewish history there is and a full reading in a good translation can be very appropriate, if not required.

Some knowledge of Jewish traditions is going to be needed, particularly about the Festival of Weeks and Passover.

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