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Videos and media can be an incredible asset in ministry. But getting started in using media, and especially in creating your own, takes a lot of work. Evfen if you are already using media in your ministry, knowing all the clips that are out there, or finding something that works for you, can take a lot of effort. Here are some of the best links we know about to help with that.

Please note that music related links are in Music Links, not here.

Free Sites
Website Rating Description
GodTube noscript=true}} It's a Christian version of YouTube. There are some good videos on there, but it's use for ministry is limited. Most of them are on YouTube and if they are not on YouTube or somewhere else they are often not worth the view.

Membership Required Sites
Website Rating Description
Bluefish TV noscript=true}} This is one of the best sites out there for media in the Church. It has video illustrations, small group resources, moving backgrounds, the works. But it does cost.
Sermon Spice noscript=true}} A good site with videos and illustrations for churches,it does cost cash.
The Work of the People noscript=false}} This is anoter site that offers video clips for worship and to help teacha nd illustrate visually