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There are thousands of websites out there that help with sermon preperation or give complete messages. Many of the best sites require subscriptions, and almost all of them do not encourage pastors to contextualize and apply a message idea to their congregation.

Many sites are just pages upon pages of ready made sermons and illustrations that have no connection with the pastor's church. Still, there are some good sites out there, and here are some of the best that we can find.

Free Resources

Website Rating Description
Preaching Magazine noscript=true}} This is a magazine put out by the Church of the Nazarene aimed at preachers. It includes sermons, articles, and ideas based on the Church year.
Preaching.com noscript=true}} This is one of the most popular sites out there, and has illustrations, entire sermons, you name it.
Textweek.com noscript=true}} This is that works with the lectionary. It will give you the passages but it will also give you ideas and message directions.

Subscriptions Based Resources

Website Rating Description
Preaching Today noscript=false}} This site has very popular pastors submitting their messages, which is great but also causes problems because if you use those messages you are more likely to be found out.