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Christianity isn't just about churches. There are a wide variety of organizations out there that are striving to serve God as well, but are not doing it within the walls of a typical church. These can be the typical parachurch organizations that can help you and your people, but there are many other resources out there too, many for pastors in particular. Counseling programs, free retreats for pastors, all sorts of organizations are out there to help out. Let's find them.

Aid Organizations

Organization Rating Description
Habitat for Humanity noscript=true}} This organization organizes groups of people to quickly build houses for those in need all over the world. An excellent short missions work that helps people a lot but does not require a ton of planning on the pastor's part.
Red Cross noscript=true}} The Red Cross is not just about blood. With almost any disaster around the world, and especially within the United States, the Red Cross is usually the first group on the scene.
World Vision noscript=true}} World Vision is one of the leading organizations for child sponsorship and also does emergency aid and has vartious programs to help worldwide poverty.

Community Organizations

Organization Rating Description
Alcoholics Anonymous noscript=true}} AA is a group that almost any church can learn a lot from, and
Boys and Girls Club noscript=true}} A club based program all over the entire US that reaches out to the young, especially those disadvantaged.
Young Life noscript=false}} Young Life is a parachurch organization that is intent on reaching high school and college students with Christ.