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Magazines are cheaper to run online than in print, so there are quite a few Christian magazines or journals that are online and worth a look. Here are some of our favorites.

Website Rating Description
Credo Magazine noscript=true}} This is an online magazine for youth devotionals published through the Church of the Nazarene.
Didache Journal noscript=true}} This is an online journal from various Nazarene scholars. There are some really good articles here if you're interested in any Wesleyan thinking and theology.
Holiness Today Online noscript=true}} Holiness Today is another magazine from the Church of the Nazarene, which covers a wide range of topics theoretically relevant to Nazarenes and the holiness community.
Leadership Magazine noscript=true}} Quite possibly the premiere magazine for thinking pastors. This magazine deals with a lot of tough issues before they become "popular" and deals with them well.
Preaching Magazine noscript=true}} This is a magazine put out by the Church of the Nazarene aimed at preachers. It includes sermons, articles, and ideas based on the Church year.
Relevant Magazine noscript=false}} This magazine attempts to be just what it says, relevant. Not a pastoral magazine, it aims at trying to make Christianity acceptable and even cool for the casual viewer.