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From just a few disciples in one room to hundreds of millions of believers scattered throughout thousands of denominations, the Christian faith has come a long way. Quite often, the group we are a part of is so large that it is easy to get caught up only in our own section of the Christian faith and forget that anyone else exists.

Here are links to some of the various denominations that span the spectrum of Christian faith. Hopefully seeing what some other believers are doing can help us get a bit more perspective on our own situation. Of course, please be aware that these are mainly American and Western denominations, and therefore do not represent worldwide Christianity.

Denominations Over 1,000,000 Members

Assemblies of God A Pentecostal demonination.

Church of the Nazarene A moderate church in the Wesleyan spectrum.

Episcopal Church The American version of the British Anglican Church.

Evangelical Free Church of America A Lutheran based denomination that emphasizes local governance of churches.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Mainline denomination based on Martin Luther's theology.

Foursquare Church A moderate Pentecostal based denomination.

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Mainline denomination based on Martin Luther's theology.

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A. A more liberal mainline denomination based on Calvinist thought and representational leadership.

Salvation Army While best known for their social work, the Salvation Army is a church in the Wesleyan tradition.

Southern Baptist Convention A conservative Calvinist denomination.

United Methodist Church A Wesleyan mainline denomination.

Denominations Between 100,000 and 999,999 Members

Demoninations Under 100,000 Members

Mennonite Church USA An Anabaptist denomination known for pacifism.

Metropolitan Community Church There is probably no more controversial denomination than this one, as it is the most openly homosexual friendly denomination. But it is Christian.

Information about Denominations

Association of Religion Data Archives This is an awesome site for information and statistics on mroe denominations that you can shake a stick at.