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There are many websites out there that have a couple of Bible versions, a lexicon, and a commentary or two. But finding sites that have any truly good resources is much more difficult, here are some of the best links for Chrsitian Bible Study we have found.

Free Sites
Website Rating Description
Crosswalk noscript=true}} This is a good site where you can search the Bible and many other features for free. It has devotional exercises and articles as well. It is fairly basic, however.
Linking to Free Bible and Free Resources noscript=true}} Free to use 25 Bible versions, Parallel Commentaries, Lexicons and link any verse to your website using lowercase letters in this format: http://bible.cc/book/chapter-verse.htm. Examples: http://bible.cc/isaiah/53-5.htm, with underscore instead of a space: http://bible.cc/1_corinthians/10-31.htm; visit their Online Mobile Bible from your cell phone or even computer! Also, see their Online Dictionary and Thesaurus at their http://WordList.com. You are invited to their http://ScriptureText.com for Greek and Hebrew Texts, with Strong's definitions.
Bible Gateway noscript=true}} This is a good site with search abilities over multiple Bible versions and translations. It's probably the most extensive site of its kind online, with the possible exception of Crosswalk.
Precept Austin noscript=true}} I doubt you have heard about this place before, but it is very good. Not that easy to use, but many good commentaries, biblical dictionaries, Greek references, and more.
Bible Study Guide noscript=true}} This is a fine site for the study of the Bible. Almost all of the stuff found on the site, however, is very basic and you could probably come up with almost all of it or more on your own.
Christianity Today noscript=true}} Christianity Today has put out a website to help people study the Bible. There are numerous commentaries here, as well as lexicons and Bible translations.
Downloads, Sword Project, Commentaries noscript=true}} This site will rock your studies. It has more downloadable commentaries for free than mostsites have available by subscription. It also has free software for Bible study to download and more. The best site you never heard of, without a doubt.
Christians Unite noscript=true}} A good site that has a standard array of commentaries, but a lot more church history resources
Living Web noscript=true}} One of the most extensive lists of online commentaries out there, though the concentration on commentaries means a lack in other resources and references. Of course, this is just part of an extensive site that is mostly non-religious.
Study Light noscript=true}} This site is pretty good. It has some Greek work, some commentaries, lectionaries, etc.
Codex Sinaiticus noscript=true}} This site is very useful if you translate Greek and are interested in original documents.

Subscription Sites
Website Rating Description
iPreach Bible noscript=false}} A subscription site that has rather high quality resources for a subscription.