Modernized Nazarene Membership

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Modernized Nazarene Membership
Occasion: Membership
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Setting: General
Style: Traditional

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Elements of the Event


Event Liturgy

Dear Family: The blessings and privileges we have when we gather together as the Church of Jesus Christ are precious, sacred even. In the Church is a type of holy friendship and family that can be found nowhere else. In the Church we are to look out for each other, care for and guide each other as only the Christian family can.

In the Church we worship together, learn together, and study God's word together under our pastors. In the Church we learn to work together, serve others together, and as the Church can get so much more done than any of us could do alone.

Therefore the beliefs that unite us together as a church are extremely important, but the things that you need to believe to be part of this body are few.

(Insert Denominational doctrine here, or use the following (Wesleyan) statement)

We believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We want to make sure to point out that Jesus is truly God and that the Holy Spirit is not some faceless, person-less thing.

We believe that all of humanity is born into sin, and that we all need to be forgiven through Christ and be reborn by the holy Spirit into a new life. We believe that new life leads to a deeper work in us where we are freed of the last holds of sin in our lives through entire Sanctification when the Holy Spirit enters our lives. We also believe that the Holy Spirit does not allow these events to go unnoticed or leave someone unchanged.

We believe that Jesus will return, the dead will be raised, and that everyone who has ever lived will stand before God for a final judgment, whether it leads to rewards or punishment.

(Return to Ceremony from denominational doctrine)

Do you heartily believe that this is true?


Do you claim Jesus Christ as your savior, and do you understand that he is still saving you even at this moment?


You have stated that you want to become part of this church. Do you vow to join in with this church whole-heartedly as it grows together, celebrates together, and works together for God? Will you live as a holy Christian should, and in every way try to glorify God, through your conversations, your humility, and your service to others? Will you give what you have, and participate in God's rituals and practices regularly? Will you avoid all evil and instead seek God's holiness to be in every part of your life?


Then I welcome you into this church and everything it stands for, the joys, the fellowship and the responsibilities. May our God, the leader and head of the Church, bless and keep you. May He enable you to be faithful in all things, so that through your life and your words you may be a powerful witness in leading others to Jesus Christ.

(Welcome them as new members)

Other Ideas that Use this Occasion

No other ideas are based on this occasion yet.

This is basically the traditional Nazarene membership liturgy, but revised using modern language to make it slightly more contemporary.