Membership Liturgy

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Membership Liturgy
Occasion: Membership
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Setting: General
Style: Modern

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Event Liturgy

Minister: We are a Christian church. We welcome you to join, but being a member is a serious thing, because you are saying that out of all the churches you could be a part of, you are choosing to stick with this one and make it your home, make it where you learn and where you serve. It also means you are agreement with the beliefs of this church.

Minister: We believe that all people are fallen and sinful. We believe that Jesus Christ, the only son of God, came and died to save us from those sins and to lead us into a new life and a new relationship with God. We believe that the Holy Spirit is given to us so that we can live a holy life and can continue to grow into becoming more like Jesus. Do you believe these truths?

Response: (I do)

Minister: Have you applied these truths to your own life? Have you accepted Jesus' sacrifice for your sins, and are you even now working on continually growing closer to being who God made you to be?

Response: (I have)

Minister: You have been a part of this church for a while now. You have heard the history and values of this church, you know what we do and where we are going. Do you wish to join with this church on our journey, and are you willing to serve God in this church with your gifts, to teach and to learn, to counsel and to be guided together with the other believers in this church body? Will you do you best, with God's help, to live a life that people can emulate? Will you strive to not only continue to grow yourself, but also to lead others into growing closer to God as well?

Response: (I do)

Minister: Then in accord with what you have said and what the core has agreed upon, I welcome you into this Church as a full member, with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges that entails. May Jesus Christ, the head of the Church, bless and keep you, guide and enable you, to be faithful in all that you have promised today, and so much more.

(Credit for this Liturgy goes to User:Brian M)

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