Meet Me in the Meadow

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Meet Me in the Meadow
Author(s) Margie Wall
Audience Women
Setting Bible Study
Occasion General
Length of Series 8

A Brief Description of the Curriculum

A Bible study based around the flowers of the Bible.

Series Information/Overview

There are some beautiful lessons to be learned from the flowers of the Holy Land. Each of these eight lessons will include an art card with an illustration of the flower, some scientific data about the plant, examples of usages in Scripture and conclude with real life applications. Come, learn and let these seeds take root, grow and bloom in your hearts.

The Memory verses are based on Matthew 6:25-34. The key verse for this lesson is Matthew 6:30: “If God cares so wonderfully for flowers, won’t He more surely care for you?”

General purpose files needed for the Curriculum

Lesson 1: Thistle: A Study of God's Judgment

Lesson 2: Bulrush: Egyptian Paper Reed/God's Word

Lesson 3: Flax: Flax and Linen in the Bible/Jesus

Lesson 4: Myrtle: A Sweet Fragrance to God

Lesson 5: Mustard: Biblical Illustration of Faith

Lesson 6: Juniper: Story of Jezebel and Elijah

Lesson 7: Lily/Rose: Lessons from the Lilies

Lesson 8: Birds: Lessons from the Sparrows