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Book Number 40
Testament New
Number of Chapters 28
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Literary Genre Gospel
References Used Bibliography: Matthew

Matthew is one of two gospels which are traditionally thought to be written by disciples, the other being John. Matthew was written around 70-80 CE and is presumably, along with Luke, based on Mark's gospel as it follows much of Mark's writing along with Matthew's additions an revisions.

The Gospel of Matthew is the most Jewish of the gospels. It traces Jesus' genealogy back to David and Abraham, Jewish ancestors. It refers strongly to Old Testament prophecy, and is very sensitive to Jewish customs and lingo. Matthew also is the only gospel to use the word “church” (Matthew 16:18, Matthew 18:17).

Other characteristics of Matthew is an emphasis on Jesus' teachings, especially longer discourses, and a focus on the kingdom. The Kingdom of heaven is mentioned 33 times in Matthew's gospel, and appears to factor heavily into Matthew's theology. Though not as central to his theology as to Luke's, Matthew also includes several stories about the birth of Jesus.

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Chapters With Commentary

Matthew 1, Matthew 2, Matthew 20, Matthew 28, Matthew 4